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Silver 5 Stone Multi Shaped Pendant

Silver 5 Stone Multi Shaped Pendant

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Silver Larimar 5 Stone Multi Shaped Pendant —a harmonious integration of energies from varied facets of life. Each stone, with its unique shape, symbolizes the diversity that contributes to your spiritual journey. This pendant encourages finding equilibrium in all areas, fostering growth through embracing every aspect of yourself. Like the moon reflecting different phases, let the pendant be a tangible reminder that diversity and flexibility are essential elements in the continual dance of your spiritual evolution—an embodiment of balance and acceptance as you navigate the intricate tapestry of life. *925 STERLING SILVER *Coloration varies in natural stones * Chain not included


3.6 g


15 mm


30 mm


3 mm

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  • Business name: Ethereal Element LLC
  • Business address: Texas, United States
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